Can you speech?

The world of the TV has suddenly changed its features. The Social Media Revolution is the true and new reality. What about the speech? Can you talk about a topic before an audience?
In the journalism the verb speech means read an article before a camera, using a microphone. It could seem easy but it is not. You have to give rythm, speed and form to your words. Read a text includes many aspects and factors that the audience sense. If you got an article it represents your baggage of knowledge, data and sensations.
Every journalist has his style, your personality is the light in the darkness, your language the strength. In my opinion the main ability is the taste for the good language. Express yourself and your ideas in the more creative way is beautiful. Before a camera nobody cares poetry, being concrete is a must.
Don’t be afraid, let’s try again and again…your speech will sound better…
When you are watching a soccer match it’s easy to imagine your role as main observer. Stefano Borghi is one of the best soccer commentators in Italy. His personal experience, the statistics and his sensations represent some of the tools of his work. Often the feeling of the moment wins the logical data. Comment a match sounds like something personal and special, without talent and attitude your vision is flat, the audience become bored. Stefano summarizes football data and fantastic nicknames. The Argentine football league system has another actor.
Riccardo Amato – dall’archivio

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